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Make a BOLD Statement With Color in Your Home or Office

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Use of Color to Make an Impact


When selecting colors for your home you want to have a color scheme which is carried throughout  the whole house. Decide on 2-3 main colors and incorporate various shades of those colors. Always use complimentary colors from the color wheel (usually opposite colors are best or colors next to each other).


Color choices and their representation:


color wheelReds: Aggressive, passionate, strong, vital, (excellent for accent walls), stimulates appetite.  Use in dining rooms, office spaces.

Yellows: Positive, sunshine, (great for accent walls). Use for children’s rooms, office spaces or kitchens.

Greens: Tranquil, healthy, fresh, deep tones convey statue and wealth, pale ones are soothing.

Use in bedrooms, family rooms, living rooms.

Blues: Authoritative, dignified, secure, faithful. Most universal popular color. gray contemporary interiorUse in bedrooms, children’s rooms, bathrooms.

White: Pure, contemporary, refined. Dark colors are enlivened when surrounded by white space,

can be refreshing or sterile.  Use in contemporary rooms, homes.

Black: Serious, distinctive, bold and classic.  Powder rooms, bedrooms(accent wall).

modern loft interior-interior design

colorful bedroomThree main things to consider when choosing color:

1.What colors speak to you, cooler shades or warmer shades.

2.Location of a home can impact color choices. If a home gets plenty of sun, use cooler colors, if shaded, use warmer colors.

3.Use the principles of Feng Shui and those colors, see bagua below.  Or for a consultation, please call Feng Shui expert and author, Kathie Seedroff,


bagua map

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