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Classic Haircuts with a Modern Twist

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Men’s Hair: New Styles Honor the Classic Cuts of the Past


The Vibe

At a glance, today’s hottest modern cuts look old school, but to the critical eye, they’re very New School Cool!


The Looks

Today’s modern barbering is combining the classic techniques with a modern twist. The combination of various techniques are how the contrast actually gets created. For example, we combine two different haircuts to make a completely new shape. It may be a whitewalled side with a Nicky Newark top, topped of with a cocktail of different finishing products that make it look and feel NEW!

Classic cut1-groomingClassic cut2-groomingClassic cut3-groomingClassic cut4-grooming

The Execution

Although there is a resurgence in men’s barbershop-style haircuts, not everyone can do them. It has to be a combination of honoring the past and creating the future, which is far different than re-creating the past.

Classic cut5-grooming      Classic cut6-grooming      Classic cut7-grooming

           The “Enlisted”                      The “James Dean”                       The “Hit Man”

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