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Advantages to Buying or Selling a Home in Winter

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It’s a commonly held belief that selling your home in winter is for optimists only. With holidays and family filling our schedules, who has time to think about moving? It’s also a misconception that no one is out buying during wintry weather.


The reality is, people move all year long for many different reasons. The US Census estimates 40 million of us move annually. That’s a lot of potential buyers, and not all buyers get to choose when they move. Some folks need to move during the winter months, and they may be the perfect buyer for your home if you want or need to sell now.

There can be great benefits to buying or selling in the colder months:

  • Buyers and sellers tend to be more motivated. They often have a timeline to move and are serious about moving.
  • With less inventory on the market during the holidays, both sellers and buyers are on an even playing field. It’s not a buyer’s or seller’s market since it’s likely there will be fewer buyers along with fewer listings.
  • Fewer listings means potentially more time and attention from lenders, vendors, and appraisers.
  • Speaking of appraisals—access to comps from the more active summer months can help with assertive pricing and selling your home now.

The main reason it makes sense to sell or buy your next home during the cold winter months is less competition—less competition from other sellers and buyers, to be exact. Your offer or your home will stand out as a serious contender in the marketplace and that’s always a good position to be in.

So if you’re thinking of buying or selling a home in Denver metro, jump in. It’s likely home sellers will still get strong offers but buyers won’t have to compete with multiple offers. It’s a winter home run.

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