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Fall/Winter 2013 Trends for Men

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After the best fashion shows in Milan, New York, Paris, and London, I am sharing with you the essential trends for men and different ways to wear them. This season there is a shift toward a unisex color palette. Similar to the women’s palette, the versatility of the men’s colors for Fall 2013 allows for more experimentation as the weather cools.

Fall/Winter 2013 colors

The key colors for this fall are gray, burgundy, mustard, and a host of bright blue.


Various tones of gray characterized the Fall/Winter runways. From elegant suits to classic coats, the color was everywhere. There are many shades of gray and you can pick and choose according to the best shade that fits your skin tone and outfit. Gray is an earth tone and blends well worn as a sweater over jeans or in scarves or pants.


Be Bold!

Mustard Yellow

This color works well over browns and grays. Think of it in small quantities acting as a complement to a whole outfit. The only difference for wearing yellow for autumn fashion trends 2013 is you wear it in smaller quantities. Think scarf, shirt, or tie.


Cobalt Blue

A whole host of bright blues hit the catwalks and the stores this fall. If you are planning to invest in a new overcoat for the season or maybe in a casual suit, change the old navy for something a bit brighter.



The dark red was the color that dominated the catwalks from Europe. Again, head-to-toe looks were popular. My favorite trend is burgundy paired with another complementary color. Head-to-toe is a little harder to “pull off”!


Many men can wear a majority of the colors mentioned. If you find that one color is overwhelming, wear it in small quantities. You can choose a scarf, a T-shirt, or a cardigan. Keep playing with the colors until you find what works for you.


Baseball jackets, parkas, super size squares, leather, furs (I prefer faux fur for humane reasons) and boxy coats.

Fashion coat-1

fashion coat-2

fashion coat-3


This item is the essential piece of knitwear for the season. Layer up under a tailored winter coat for the ultimate cold-snap solution. Turtlenecks edge the line between casual and dressy, and when you go with a darker, thinner iteration, it slims the torso and frames the jaw.



While selecting a suit for the new season, men have to understand that this basic wardrobe piece needs to be universal. This is a question of choosing the right color, model, and style. In the wardrobe of the modern man there has to be a place for a suit.


The men’s fashion suit trends for Fall/Winter 2013-2014

Tailoring remains strong, with the return of the double-breasted blazer costructed in a well-structured tailoring, as well as some less formal and softer silhouettes brought forward by the three button blazers and the double breasted blazer. Emphasis on fabrics and research provides a luxurious feel to this collection, and distance it from the sometimes 90s reminiscent silhouettes. It may be a 90s throwback, but reinvented with a very up-to-the-minute minimalist twenty-first century feel.


Suits with long jackets and three-piece suits do not lose their relevance, and combined costumes are one of the hottest trends of Fall/Winter season. The combination of materials in different textures and colors are used to create block designs.


Keep in mind that when investing in a suit there are two colors classic and safe for business attire: blue and gray. Within these colors, navy blue and charcoal or light gray tend to be the most popular. Colors for business suits don’t tend to follow fashion, and blue and gray remain wardrobe staples. You also want to consider your skin color and tone—tan looks great on darker or Mediterranean skin, while the color blue will suit lighter complexions.



Last but not least, my favorite piece of clothing: jeans! Nowadays, most people prefer to use denim in fashion because it is so versatile. Jeans are the ultimate in casual wear for men. They can go from dressy casual to weekend hang out styles.


While the best jeans for men really comes down to which fit is most flattering for your stature, I would like to highlight some Fall/Winter denim trends that you can shop now.

The most popular jeans styles of the season are narrowed, straight, and wide style. Along with raw bottom jeans and flaps that help you feel more confident with your length of the leg, colored jeans are gaining popularity. I kept this final style last on purpose: jeans with artistic worn spots and holes, and the covering that simulates skin or wet surface…Please avoid this style if you are no longer in your twenties. It’s no secret that some guys have good jeans and some guys have bad jeans—the ripped jeans are definitely bad jeans for any men over twenty! I can never stress this enough.

You have many options to choose from as long as you keep in mind that the best jeans are the one that flatters your stature, are age appropriate, and match the rest of your wardrobe.

The colored jeans



Sometimes the wealth of styles and unlimited choices can just get too much. If edgy looks are not for you, just remember to keep things simple. Less is always more when it comes to style. Stick to three colors tops, a maximum of two patterns, and one, maybe two accessories. These are the essential trends for men this Fall/Winter season. If you take a look, you will be prepared to welcome the fall and winter with the best trends!

Here are some of my picks for the Fall/Winter 2013

picks1 picks2

Accessories picks



Above are some of my classic picks for the season and one last recommendation: A well-tailored suit is a key piece in a man’s wardrobe. Contrary to popular belief, men’s suits should always be comfortable. If they are not, it is the fault of suits, and not of their nature. A man looks his best when his suit fits well. But most men today wear poorly fitting suits, and it is not hard to see why. The men’s suits sold in stores are cut to fit as many men as possible. Your suit should fit correctly in the chest and shoulders—if not, you may want to consider having your suit tailor-made. For more information, I would recommend to read Style a Life’s Work by Doug Paris. For those of you who live in the Denver area, you can visit Doug in his Larimer atelier to get the perfectly fitted everlasting classic suit.

“Dressing well is not the start, or the end, or the main tangible component of possessing style. Style is a bi-product of one’s chosen path .The initial impression you give off, of course, has to do with what you wear, but pure, true style is about the substance under the suit.” – Doug Paris

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