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The Power of Art

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There are few things more powerful than art. Art can elicit feelings and has proven therapeutic effects, especially when creating it yourself. It is a back door, safe way of expressing oneself—there is no right or wrong. It just is. Art also has real power to keep you young. Artistic expression is linked with real health benefits like lowering blood pressure, depression, and experiencing less pain and less fatigue. Art works! There is an artist within all of us; we just have to channel it. But how does one do that?

One way is by paying attention to how art, sculpture, and nature affect you. Have you ever looked at a painting and were simply awed and inspired by its beauty? The first thing one notices is color—everyone has a visceral reaction to color. What colors do you naturally respond to?

sea and sunset- art

Another way is by actively cultivating the knowledge of art by reading, listening, and viewing, as well as going to museums and gallery openings. “If we know what we know, we can perhaps dare to look. Love and knowledge go hand in hand. When we love, we always want to know, which will lead us to more reading, greater knowledge, greater love, and of course greater happiness.” –Sister Wendy Beckett, The Story of Painting.

Art creation has been around since the conception of man. Stone age cave dwellers painted on the cave walls, expressing their views of daily encounters with animals and their lives. Art was used in this case to communicate traditions and basic survival skills like hunting.

Art has evolved and morphed over the years from ancient times with religious frescoes, the renaissance with the works of Rembrandt and the impressionists like Monet or Van Gogh, to the modernism of early twentieth century—all the way to today. Twenty-first century art is still in the process of being defined and chronicled, but what we have observed is that the boundaries are being tested with new materials, new interpretations, and bigger than life installations.

rembrandt painting- art waterlily-art modern art-traveler

More and more, businesses and thought leaders like Seth Godin in The Icarus of Deception recognize the power of art. They have noticed that there is a decided shift toward right brain problem solving, learning, and communication. The sooner one embraces and immerses oneself in this creative tsunami, the sooner all of art’s benefits will be theirs.

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