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Modern Gladiator, both the magazine and the concept, has really drawn ALOT of attention.

Weʼve done amazing Spotlights of some very successful business owners and industry leaders, many of whom have suggested forming a Gladiator MasterMind –

And we listened….

We were fortunate enough to find one of the foremost business coaches in the country to build & facilitate the Modern Gladiator MasterMind Arenas.

Chris has designed a 12 week Gladiator training event that will:

  • synthesize the best business practices across multiple industries
  • illuminate and disperse key technological leverage points in business – share & advance commonly-used resources
  • exponentially increase each Gladiators message
  • form a brotherhood among like-minded Gladiators

We all know that entering a battle with a brotherhood of trained Gladiators who have your back – is always more successful
than going it alone.

Weʼre expecting a huge response and there is limited space.

So weʼve created an application process –
knowing that it is best to choose only those who are really looking for –

  1. immediate results
  2. a willingness to be part of a brotherhood of Gladiators
  3. and radical success.


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