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Author: Inayah Vanessa

Inayah Vanessa


Inayah is a real estate agent, writer, and owner of the boutique writing company Signature Style Design, LLC. She is an all-round Denver expert, having cultivated a vast knowledge of the city through a fascination with food and real estate. As an amateur bikini competitor and model she spends an obscene amount of time in the gym and kitchen in a never ending quest for greater fitness. She enjoys photoshoots and has recently become a Pinup enthusiast.  Inayah speaks Chinese and Spanish, and has lived on three continents.   After spending nearly a decade in law enforcement and much longer than that in school, she has a deep and rather unique perspective on what not to do in relationships and what happens when it all goes wrong.  From personal experience she also knows how wonderful it can be to get it right, and the work it takes to strike the balance between the security of a long-term relationship and the passion of a summer fling.

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