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About Modern Gladiator

Three brothers—Martin, Maynie and Nino—venture to help men unleash their inner gladiator.


Our online men’s lifestyle magazine deals head-on with topics and issues that are of particular interest and concern to today’s modern man.  The magazine also covers lifestyle interests such as current events, politics, social media, style, relationships, health, fitness, sports, finance, community events, travel, and more.


Modern Gladiator (MG) equips readers with the tools, confidence, and know-how to live the lifestyle of a modern-day gladiator.

Gladiators were extremely focused men, fierce in their tasks at hand. They never backed down from a challenge and maintained a strict diet and exercise regimen. We want to take those same qualities and aid men in applying them to their daily lives in this modern world.

MG’s driving force is to help men become modern-day gladiators by providing them with the proper tools and motivation to help unlock their greatest potential in all areas of life; including family, community, business, and spiritual and personal growth.  We want to empower men to achieve the same qualities—focus, initiative, and strength, combined with a healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise—to survive the daily challenges of our modern world and become champions.

The result? Forging men into modern gladiators, the champions of the arena of their world.

Our Team


Martin Alvarez – Editor-in-Chief


Kristen Hamilton – Senior Editor


Jordan Alvarez – Chief of Marketing

Ariane Mullen – Advertisement Executive


Chris Trezise – Chief Web Developer

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