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What’s This Keto Craze All About?!

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Going Keto is Taking Social Media by Storm


What is Keto?

Ketogenic eating is a low carbohydrate, high fat diet where the body goes into ketosis and begins to burn its own fat for fuel. The process reduces the amount of circulating insulin so body just melts fat away. There are only two ways to go into ketosis.

  1. Eating a very strict ketogenic diet with exact macros of fats, proteins, and carbs, allowing your liver to produce ketones
  2. Taking ketones exogenously, meaning from an outside source just like you would take vitamin C or protein in a shake or bar form.

The result is your blood ketone level increases to a therapeutic range, allowing a high fuel fat burn.

Why is Ketogenic Eating So Famous? 

In the 1980s, America went “fat free.” Eating fat was determined to be the reason why people got fat. This was based on bogus science and, sadly, faked research. Since the 1980s, obesity rates have doubled. The percentage of people overweight has doubled. Type 2 Diabetes has doubled. Heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s have exploded across America! Why? It’s simple: When you remove fat from a food, you remove the “good taste.” Food manufacturers replaced good-tasting fat with sugar and highly processed, refined carbohydrates, which your body converts to sugar in a matter of minutes. Overnight they turned Americans from fat burners into fat storers . . . and the effect on the American populace has been devastating!

Now we see a huge swing back into the “old science of keto diets” . . . and people are seeing amazing results.

Keto Facebook Groups

Among those members are men and women who have struggled with obesity their entire lives. They are dropping inches and pounds at incredible rates, as switching from eating carbs to eating fat transforms your body from a sugar-burning to a fat-burning machine. The ketogenic eating style is also healthy:

Ketones are Clean Fuel Ready for Use by the Human Body and are a Natural Source of Energy for the Human Brain

Starting a Ketogenic Eating Program

Before you start a ketogenic diet, you may want to do some research. Join a few Facebook groups, see what the diet entails. Going keto isn’t for everyone. The best keto diet advice will come from healthcare professionals who keep up-to-date on the science of nutrition and who have experienced ketosis themselves. We see more and more nutritionists, chiropractors, physician assistants, medical doctors, and others going keto with their patients every day. New research is constantly coming out about the benefits of ketosis. The science is incredibly strong.

Keto Resources:

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