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Introducing: “The Gladiatrix”

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Definition of a gladiatrix: A female gladiator who fought in the great Colosseum of Rome and gained the glory and adorations of the crowds.

A gladiatrix in modern times is a strong-willed and determined woman who understands the importance of being balanced and achieving her success in all areas of life yet maintaining her femininity and dignity as a woman.

This article is a basis of how today’s modern gladiator and gladiatrix can work together in various aspects of life to help promote their unity to accomplish the same goals: living a life jointly that is balanced, holistic, fulfilling, and rewarding!

Gladiator and Gladiatrix Enter the Arena

It is a time when a gym-goer can focus on themselves, without distraction from friends.

For many, the gym experience is one of solitude, by choice.  It is a time when a gym-goer can focus on themselves, without distraction from friends.  It’s easy to plug in the headphones, hit play on that perfect playlist, and go at it until mental and physical fatigue take hold.  Indeed, it’s a great feeling to finish a tough workout on your own knowing that you, and only you, were responsible for that undeniable “runners’ high” at the end.  But what if that high could produce more than bulging muscles and self-confidence?  Say, a stronger connection with your significant other or even better sex back at home.  Would you be willing to turn “me” hour into “we” hour?

gladiatrix article

Now’s a great time to help your significant other go from girl to gladiatrix

These days, many women have a better understanding of weight training and its benefits, and many have traded in hours on the cardio machines for heart pumping workouts in the weight room.  Women now want to be seen as strong and capable rather than just skinny and pretty.  Now’s a great time to help your significant other go from girl to gladiatrix and reap rewards for yourself in the process.

Be Encouraging

If your girlfriend or wife is already onboard, then she knows the benefits of a strong physique and how important strength training is for women.  If she isn’t, here are a few facts to use when encouraging her to join you at the gym.

  • Burn more calories – Building muscle through strength training helps boost metabolism so she’ll continue to burn calories long after the workout is over.  This could be especially encouraging to a partner who is interested in losing weight.
  • Prevent osteoporosis and prevent injury – Strength training helps improve bone density (important as women age!) and in turn helps prevent osteoporosis and injuries that can result from the disease, like fractures.
  • Relieve stress – Today’s busy world keeps all of us burning at both ends, but weight training sessions can help alleviate some of it, even more so than cardio-only workouts.

How to Do It

there’s nothing to worry about, I’ll be with you

At first, stepping into the weight room of a gym might be intimidating to your partner, so be sensitive to her concerns.  Instead of telling her “there’s nothing to worry about, I’ll be with you,” take time to address each fear.  Sometimes all people need is a short explanation or for someone to listen to their concerns to make them feel more comfortable and willing to branch out and try new things.  Here are a few rules that may keep tensions down and morale up while you work out together.

  • Be patient, especially if she’s new to strength training.  This may mean that your workouts take longer than normal or that you have more rest time between sets because you need to explain technique or form.  Try not to be bothered by this and take the time to really teach your partner.  She’ll appreciate this and ultimately will be a better workout buddy because of it.
  • Don’t compete, at least not every time. Remember that you’re there to enjoy the exercise and each other.  It’s okay to push each other and to show off occasionally, but the point isn’t to outdo your partner every single time.  As a matter of fact, you’ll probably find that you are better at some things and your partner better at others. Embrace your differences and help each other improve in the areas they may be lacking.  A friendly competition is okay (and healthy) every once in a while, but be sure to set a few ground rules and to compete at varying ability levels.
  • Learn something new together. Participating in an activity that’s new to the both of you will foster teamwork since you’ll both be working on something that’s foreign to your body.  Whether you choose to take a new class neither has done or to just learn one new exercise to add to your routine, the teamwork fostered tends to overflow into everyday life. Couples who learn to work well together in the gym tend to carry that partnership into their everyday lives and start to work together more closely to solve other life struggles.  The endorphins released when doing something new and exciting together can also rekindle flames that may not be burning so bright.


There are many benefits to having a workout partner, whether or not they are your mate.  Gym-goers who exercise with a buddy:

  • Cancel their workouts less often.
  • Stay on track, fiddle less, and in turn burn more calories during workouts.
  • Feel like their exercise is more fun than when they perform it alone.

It’s clearly a win-win to buddy up.

The Real Benefits

(when your workout partner is your significant other)

studies have shown that couples who train together have increased intimacy

When your workout buddy is your significant other, you get all of the above, plus a tighter marital bond.  Exercise helps people lower stress levels and improve focus as well as promotes listening and teamwork, all of which generally make for a better relationship.  In addition, studies have shown that couples who train together have increased intimacy.  In short, exercise helps improve energy and body image, which leads to being more open to physical intimacy.  Closeness, another benefit fostered through working toward a common goal, can also lead to more frequent intimacy at home (see Learn something new together above).

One Last Tip: Take Time Apart

This may sound counter-intuitive given all of the topics this article already covered, but it really makes sense.  As mentioned in the beginning, some people enjoy working out alone, so don’t feel as if you need to invite your partner to every single workout.  As in life, sometimes you need to do your own thing.  It’s okay to go to the gym together, but then focus on individual activities you like that your partner may not.  Talk to your partner about what’s best for your relationship—perhaps that’s only 1 or 2 partner workouts per week, and you’re already on the right track even before stepping foot in the gym!

As the saying goes, “Strong is the new skinny,” and a strong woman is a desired one!

Of course, not all of these benefits will fall into your lap immediately, but in time you will certainly recognize them.  The best part may be watching your girl-turned-gladiatrix explore a newfound confidence as she becomes healthier, stronger, leaner, and more energized from her new strength training routine.  As the saying goes, “Strong is the new skinny,” and a strong woman is a desired one!

photo credit: Chelsea Leigh Photography, San Antonio, Tx
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