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Walking Through The Gates of Hell

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If ywalking_through_tunnelou come to Hell’s Gate, walk right through it…
on purpose.

Imagine for a moment that fear is simply an acronym for “false evidence appearing real.”

The ego’s purpose is to prove that fear is real. Fears only manifest themselves in the mind that believes it.

fearThis is also what develops the “false self.” The ego is a false self engaged in proving fear—false events appearing real. If you are reading this, there is a strong chance you have one of these—an ego, a false self. This is the part of you that fights to prove that your fears and worries will become reality. Beliefs like “I’m in trouble,” “Life isn’t working,” “This should be different,” “I’m not good enough….”

Hold on, though—you’re not alone. Much of life is spent in the exhausting assertion to prove fear is real and what is essential is not here, it is elsewhere. You’re chasing your tail.

We’ve all heard it that there’s nothing in this world that can provide lasting peace, happiness, and fulfillment. Yet we do seek it in this world. The ego-driven life is ordered and determined to wrest lasting fulfillment where it does not exist. When we realize and admit this truth, it can bring defeat, despair, and destitution. Many who see this never recover from the despair of believing the world will fulfill them. The majority of people pursue it relentlessly—then discover it won’t. If you have ever found yourself at this point, you can understand how death can look like a solution to life. This is Hell’s Gate.

“Narrow is the gate” has been said in so many ways. It seems the only way to freedom in this world—“heaven on earth,” as it may be called—is right through Hell’s Gate!

The mere term brings about terror. This is a point where there appears to be only two choices:

  1. “Life” of defeat, despair, and destitution, OR
  2. Death as the solution to this “life.”

From this perspective, death in millions of illusive forms is chosen figuratively and literally. These “choices” are but living death or dying to avoid living death.

Rather than pass through Hell’s gate, most—almost all—turn back to the world to yet again wrest fulfillment where it cannot be found. The fact that lasting peace and happiness cannot be found in the pursuit and attainment of the temporary gadgets, sensations, feelings, emotions, work/life balance, money, health, and relationships is almost always swept aside as you return to chasing your tail. The promise of appearances of this world, life on Earth, are not available in their form…or any form for that matter.

So then what do you do if The Red Dot that says “You Are Here” finds you located at Hell’s Gate?

Walk right through it…on purpose!

Summon and muster a depth of faith, courage, and love—which is “in this world, but not of it.” Couple this with the same determination, vigor, and assertion you have used to chase the temporary success of the world. Use it to call beyond the world of form and walk right through Hell’s Gate! You must face every fear in every form to claim your own freedom from the trap of “life of despair or death.”


The Narrow Gateway to Freedom

In truth, Hell’s Gate is the gate to freedom. Your ticket is the devotion and capacity to meet all fear (false evidence appearing real) with faith, courage, and love. As you deliberately and consciously enter Hell’s Gate, you liberate yourself. Total freedom is realized as you come to know:

  1. All fear is illusion.
  2. A world that cannot bring you lasting peace, happiness, and fulfillment also cannot possibly bring lasting defeat, despair and destitution. The world is not the source of either of these. The source of your suffering is seeking and pursuing fulfillment where it is not. Chasing your own tail. If the world cannot bring lasting peace, it cannot bring lasting defeat, either. Therefore, the world is benign save the value you assign it. Now the problem and the solution come together where you are. Stop seeking fulfillment where it is not and you will stop being despaired over having not found it there.
  3. You are here to give a gift, live a purpose, and build a vision of a better self and world. Do this on the approach to Hell’s Gate, at the entry, and on the other side too. Do this no matter what.

As you forgive and accept every fear in every form, it is metabolized into freedom. Know fear = No fear.

This is the key to “living in this world, but not of it”! Go on—walk right through Hell’s Gate…on purpose. There is nothing in there but ghosts and illusions.

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