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3 Steps to Get Your Flirt On

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Spring is here, and it’s an amazing time to meet an amazing person. 

Flirting can be fun…or it can be a total disaster. If you’re a man and you see an attractive woman, you want to approach her and talk to her. But when you muster the courage to talk to her, it may end up being a total mess because not only is she having a bad day, but she is also a total bitch.

If you’re a woman, you see a guy that think is attractive, and you get so shy you have no idea what to do or how to do it. Then you think in your head that you missed on a opportunity to talk to or meet a cute man. Then, you may get disappointed that you aren’t meeting any great men.

I get it. Approaching a woman or saying hi to a man can be nerve-wracking.

Here are some simple steps to get your flirt on.


  1. Embrace your confidence – Adjust your posture so that your body language is open and receptive to a woman. From the female perspective, a healthy and happy woman wants to be approached by a man who is kind and feels safe to talk to.
  1. Forget the pickup lines – Most women like to be noticed. When you approach her, notice something about her, and compliment her on it. Start the conversation with a positive note.
  1. Be yourself – I know you want to leave a lasting impression with this woman, and being yourself is key. If you are naturally funny, be funny. If you are genuine, say something genuine. If you like to travel or be outdoors, ask her where she would love to travel.

DON’T try to be something that you are not! Remember, a woman won’t remember what you said, but HOW you make her feel.


  1. Be seen – Men are visual. Wear something that makes you feel feminine, flirty, and fun. The right man will notice your positive energy emanating because you are having a good time.
  1. Create an invitation – Many men don’t approach women because they get rejected or they’ve encountered a woman who was completely rude. Knowing this, create an invitation for a man to approach you. Smile or say hi.
  1. Embrace your feminine side – What do men love about women? It’s your feminine side. Touch your hair while talking. Laugh at his jokes. Continue to smile if you are attracted to him. Ask him what he’s passionate about in life.

DON’T be rude if he approaches you and you don’t like him. Be respectful and say no thank you.

Last, for both men and women, have FUN while flirting with the opposite sex. Don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself that you need to meet someone. When you are happy and feel good, that’s when you can meet an awesome person.

If you have any questions for me, go to and sign up for my FREE VIDEO TRAINING: Break the cycle of attracting the wrong relationships, and find your dream partner.

With an amazing partner by your side, dreams do come true.

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