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Love Coffee? This “Cup of Joe” May be a Game Changer!

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To many of us, our daily dose of coffee in the morning (or even throughout the course of the day) is a must. Coffee is a valuable commodity that sustains many economies across the globe. You have undoubtedly heard of some of the benefits of moderately drinking coffee, such as the drink’s antioxidants, its ability to provide increased energy and increased brain activity, and its capability of lowering risk of diseases, among many others.

Coffee is a universal language that brings people together.

Group Of Friends Having Cheese And Coffee Dinner Party

But can coffee actually be a HEALTHY alternative?

We recently came across a coffee that promises to do that and much more…so what did we do? We put it to the test!

Introducing one of our new favorite beverages, Organo Gold Coffee and Tea! This gourmet coffee is great to enjoy at home, at the office, or on the go. Its robust, smooth, and delightful flavor is refreshing and can be made in seconds. Simply pour sachet in cup, add hot water, stir and enjoy. Take that, Keurig!

What makes OG coffee different?

woman-enjoying-coffeeIt is enhanced with a “super herb” called Ganoderma Lucidum, which is high in antioxidants and other natural compounds. We found that Organo Gold Coffee is the choice for golf legend Greg Norman, world boxer Mani Pacquiao, Rod Smith (former Denver Bronco), Donjia Gale of the Women’s Broadcasting Network, and millions more who choose a healthier option in their daily habit. Many have shared their experiences in health benefits from enjoying Organo Gold Coffee, such as more energy, strengthened immunity, balanced blood sugar, reduced fatigue, and better skin. Coffee is the most consumed beverage after water, and adding a bit more delicious health in all we do and consume will make us stronger, longer!

Easy and Travels on the GO!

One of the most favored compliments of Organo Gold Coffee is its ease and convenience! Drink fresh, gourmet coffee while traveling, camping, fishing, hiking, and more. The simple sachet fits in your pocket, purse, or backpack and all you need is hot water to enjoy!

The Benefits

The health benefits OG coffee drinkers rave about is the coffee’s low acidity. Those with acid reflux or who have had to take coffee out of their diet due to acids or caffeine side effects are finding this smooth, delicious coffee is better than good, does not give jitters, and may help with digestion!

Rod Smith, former Super Bowl Champion now Global Business Leader and successful entrepreneur, introduced Organo Gold Coffee to Colorado as a founder. He shared his passion for the business and love for Organo Gold Coffee with Donjia Gale (Global Anchor WBN) and she shared it with us!

Sam Boyer of the original Boyers Coffee has traveled the world sharing his expertise in coffee. He knows the value of fresh single-serve cups of America’s favorite beverage. OG has become his favored brand of coffee and he is now in the Organo Gold Coffee business.

What more can we say? Try it now!

To order, learn more, and begin enjoying Organo Gold Coffee, email or visit


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