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Change for 100: A Movement for a Cause

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Within each one of us lies a passion to pursue something that is much larger than ourselves: a battle to fight and an adventure to live.

As a younger man, I was fascinated by what men like Maximus Decimus Meridius from the Gladiator or William Wallace from Braveheart must have felt like as they dedicated their lives to a higher calling. What it must have felt like to stand in the Coliseum or on the rolling hills of Scotland and know that your life’s purpose could be found in relieving the struggle of someone else’s experience.

My favorite quote from Braveheart is William Wallace’s “I never tell lies…but I am a savage.”

I’ve adopted that balance between honor and savagery into relieving the struggle of others in Denver. I encourage you to do the same. Sometimes we have to break the rules and build armies to help us do so. Sometimes our neighbors need more than a hand-up; they need a hand-out. Countless times I have encountered the marginalized, befallen, or less fortunate in our community that require immediate assistance. Also, community organizations that create a lasting impact go underfunded or unnoticed in their own pursuit to repair the world.


There is a solution. Wars are won when small groups of men band together for a united purpose. ChangeFor100 is just that. We are a group of men that have taken responsibility for our city. We meet quarterly to each contribute $100 to an elected organization that is on the frontlines. Each member votes for a cause that is near and dear to their heart and the elected organization then receives a $10,000 donation from us.

Think of it as 100 dudes, with 100 dollars, making 10,000 dollar differences in Denver.


ChangeFor100 is recruiting. The faster we reach 100 members, the better. This gives us access to a force multiplier of $10,000 per quarter. Come kick the tires and peek through the windows on Tuesday, June 9 at C.B. & Potts in Englewood.

We will be hosting another giving ceremony, where if you choose to contribute, can have an immense impact on our city.

More information about ChangeFor100 can be found at

Simply subscribe to the e-mail list to begin receiving information on our events and strategic partners. I can’t wait to see you all there.

I am Drew, and I am a modern gladiator.

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