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Gladiators! What is YOUR “Big Why”?

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Got a “Big Why” Worthy of a Modern Gladiator?


“Why even be a modern gladiator or gladiatrix? Is it just a cool, trendy label or is there more to it?”

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got plenty of ways to spend my time and don’t need another networking group.

“I was drawn to Modern Gladiator by its core values: Power, Honor, Discipline, and Strength. The idea of a movement of men and women who want to live and develop those values gets me energized and fits in with my purpose in life, my ‘Big Why.'”

Having a clear, compelling “Big Why” in thirteen words or less makes it easy for me to make decisions and purposefully choose my direction in life. It drives me forward and it makes it easy to decide who I associate with and what organizations I join.

Why is a “Big Why” so important?

Mine was critical in turning my life and business from massive failure to massive success. The impact for me was that it gave me purpose and something to get excited about pursuing on a daily basis, something that drove me through the obstacles and challenges that life throws at all of us.

Simon Sinek says it’s the key difference between highly successful companies or leaders and the also rans.

“Highly successful, impactful people and companies figure out their ‘why’ first and then focus on the what and how.”

He cites Apple as an example and how their “why” was to challenge the status quo, to think differently and make beautifully designed devises that were user-friendly.

I love even more what Sinek has to say about leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  King didn’t say, “I have a plan.” He said, “I have a dream.” The rest, as they like to say, “is history.” Martin Alvarez has a dream that caught my imagination.

All of us have a purpose, a “Big Why” that can drive us to greater levels of success and impact in the world. It may not be MLK level history making. It doesn’t have to be, but it is critical to finding fulfillment in life—that happiness that we all desire. We often look for fulfillment “out there” when it actually resides “inside here,” in each of us. The key is discovering it and focusing it down to 13 words or less in order that it can become a rocket that propels us toward any goal and through any obstacle.



Modern Gladiator is raising the bar, calling us all to a higher life and calling: one of power, honor, discipline, and strength. That gets me energized and hopeful for a better world!

What’s your “Big Why” and is it worthy of a modern gladiator or gladiatrix?

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