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Unraveling the Mystery of the Red Dot

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The Wisdom of The Red Dot – “You Are Here”

…Have you been looking for love in the wrong places?

The perennial wisdom of the ages teaches that the power is here/now. It makes sense.

Where else could it be? If real power is only somewhere else, we are truly all screwed. Yet many—almost all—of the psychological and human potential methods are about getting somewhere else.

They are driven by the ego beliefs “there is better than here,” “that is better than this,” or “they have something I don’t.” If you are honest with yourself, how much of your energy is spent thinking things should be, hoping, wishing, wanting yourself, life, and other people to be different, somewhere else, or some other way?

Honestly, is it 75 percent, 90 percent…maybe more?

What you resist persists, and it gets stronger from you pushing against it. And even so, all your wishing, wanting, and thinking that it “should be different” has changed nothing. It is neurosis, burning rubber in the “should” trap. You are as you are, life is as it is, and other people are as they are here and now. The only way to get wherever it is you are trying to go is to be here, where you are. All change starts at the same place. It starts here. Yet most people are hardly ever here.

There is power in purpose—and be assured it is here/now. This is one thing radically different about living on purpose. It is about being where you are rather than getting somewhere else. Wherever you experience an absence of freedom, power, and passion, this is simply an area of life where you have not—or are not currently—applying your purpose. Though it may seem obvious, trying to be somewhere else other than where you are is not a great purpose. In fact, it is not even a good idea.


“The Wisdom of the Red Dot” is an incredibly simple yet powerful method for discovering where you are and bringing the power of purpose where it can be applied. When you know where you are, how to get where you want to go…becomes obvious.


By now, you have a preexisting perspective and experience about everything. If you will learn to take ownership of this by being authentically and honestly where you are—without blame, judgment, and drama—you can claim (and in fact master) every area of life on purpose now. You will feel the power of purpose flow in when you have identified and accepted the Red Dot – “You Are Here.” In reality, there are only two choices: we can accept where we are, what we and others think and feel, or we can resist and fight against what is.

Every ounce of pain, suffering, and sacrifice you have endured was caused by only two things: 1) your perspective, and 2) the experiences associated with your perspective. Since you created your perspectives and experiences, you can use this same ability to set yourself free from all suffering you may think is caused outside yourself.

woman-thinking-contemplatingGive this a try:

  1. Bring to mind the biggest challenge you currently face in your life and name it in a short phrase.
  2. Use the “Red Dot Technology” above to identify your current perspective and experience of the issue challenging you.
    1. List your thoughts and the beliefs you can identify, as well as your stories and cases for and against yourself and others, identify the images, symbols, and voices that launch, and hold that perspective in place.
    2. Layer in your experience by saying, “When I have this perspective, I feel ____.” Bring to mind and list as many sensations, feelings, emotions, and energies as you can identify associated with that perspective.
  3. Once you have both your perspective and experience, review it and admit you created this. It is yours! Stay with it until you fully accept you created this. If you are blaming, admit and accept you are using this subject to create blame (or guilt, or sadness, or fear, or anger). You will know when you have accepted this because the resistance to it will dissolve. The lump in your throat will relax. The contractions around your heart will ease up. Your mind will open and you will feel a warmth and openness in your body. You will come to the place where all freedom, power, and purpose are. You will know “You Are Here.”
  4. On purpose now: Ask yourself…
    1. Did I create this perspective and experience from my purpose?
    2. Is this perspective enabling and empowering me to live with freedom and power of passion?
    3. Knowing The Red Dot, how will I apply and live on purpose now starting here where all change must begin?

Mastery of The Red Dot—being where you are with no need for external validation or acceptance—pierces the veils to the wisdom of the ages by unleashing your freedom to be here/now, where the real power is!

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