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7 Essential Family Travel Gadgets

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I am always ready for something new or different in a travel gadget.  It needs to be a  travel gadget that is going to help me somehow when I travel.  (For me, just the idea of having to get ready can be overwhelming—let alone the actual time it takes to get there and come back.)

Having said this, I want to share my top 7 most useful travel gadgets.  Yes, I have found there are lots of travel gadgets that can make traveling quicker, easier, and fun.  For me, I’m all about easy and fun!  It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the planning process or already packing for your next vacation—these top 7 travel products could fill a specific need you might have, from enjoying your music to a gadget that could save you hundreds at the luggage check-in counter.


(Courtesy FOXLv2)

#1  Are you a person who has to have professional quality music in your room or out the double glass doors?  Foxlv2 really doesn’t have a sexy name, but this pocket-size speaker system sure does lay on the sound, making it easy for you to bring the party with you.  It provides a full range of tones, streamed via Bluetooth from a smartphone or tablet.  It even has a built-in mic for group calls.  It weighs 9.5 oz and is water-resistant.  This one is a must-have travel gadget if you are a music hound.


(Levi Brown)

#2  Are you a museum goer?  Do you need to be able to see things up close like the Mona Lisa’s dimples or every detail of the Sistine Chapel’s ceiling? Then you need the Palomar ZoomArt mini telescope.  It will give you an amazing 6x-magnified view.  You won’t be elbowed out of seeing everything up close while using this mini telescope.


(Courtesy L.L.Bean)

#3  Have you ever been charged because of an overweight bag?  The Balanzza Mini Sport Digital Scale does the trick.  All you have to do is secure the scale strap to your luggage bag’s handle, lift, then read the digital weight display. This scale displays weight in pounds or kilograms.


(Levi Brown)

#4  Do you go to the beach very often and are tired of those large towels that are really bulky and take forever to dry?   Why not use the Grand Trunk Parasheet?  This is a beach blanket made from nylon parachute material—it dries in minutes and is mildew-resistant.  You can weigh it down with the built-in corner pockets that can be filled with sand, and it stays cool to the touch even in the blazing sun.


(Levi Brown)

#5  Are you a snorkeler?  Have you had a hard time lining up that perfect coral shot while bobbing in the waves?  (I have bought underwater cameras that can only be used once and were difficult to see through when holding them up to my mask.)  Here is The Explorer Series snorkel-mask camera, which makes taking clear five-megapixel photos and videos a hands-free snap.  This camera, from Liquid Image Works, can be used up to 15 feet underwater and comes with a 2GB micro SD memory card.  No need to keep buying another underwater camera each time—how great is that?!


(Courtesy Trunki)

#6  Getting ready for a trip with the kids? Have your little one bring along the PaddlePak Swim Bag by Trunki.  It is an adorable new way to carry swim clothes, goggles, and other small pool toys.  They have many creatures, including an octopus, blowfish, shark, lobster, frog, and many more.  It’s this fun and exciting for a little one!


(Courtesy Coolibar)

#7  Do you need some shade from the sun?  Maybe you are heading to a relaxing beachside locale or taking that midmorning stroll and you want to shade your head.  Be sure to pack the Packable Travel Sun Hat by Coolibar.  This is a hat that rolls up and fits right into your luggage.  Then when you take it out, it pops right back into shape.  You can roll it and put it in your luggage.  I was excited to see that it comes in many colors and has a UPF 50+.

Hopefully these travel gadgets will bring you as much ease and convenience as they did for me. There’s nothing better than letting new technology and products do all the work. Safe travels and bon voyage!

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