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Peak Performance Training—Get Ready for the Arena!

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 Peak Performance Training

30 minutes to a rock-hard body!
All right guys, let’s do this—gladiator style.
Try this workout with a buddy or two; it makes it more challenging and fun!
To prevent injury, I always suggest a 5-10 minute warm up.


1st set of 3

30-yard sprint
30-yard walking lunges
Barbell deadlift – 20 reps (with a challenging weight)
Incline bench sit-ups – 2 min drill
Box jumps – 90 sec drill
Hanging leg raises – 20 reps
20-yard tractor tire flips
2-min jumprope
2-min kettleball swing


Give yourself a 90-second rest, then repeat the 3-set total.

30 days of this and you will be ready for the arena!

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