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The Cutting Edge—The Resurgence of the Straight Razor Shave

on March 5 | in Grooming | by | with 1 Comment

Traditional straight-razor shaves are making a comeback, and for good reason.


For years, advertisers worked to convince men that shaving needed to be something they could do quickly. Commercials focused on disposable razors and electric shavers that closely resembled a racecar. The truth is, however, that shaving is a multi-sensory experience that can be good for the skin and the mind.

The increased popularity of upscale barbershops, such as Frank’s Barbershop in Knoxville, TN, has put the straight razor shave back in front of the mainstream male. Let’s take a peek at Frank’s Barbershop and see why they are consistently voted the No.1 Barbershop in America.

Frank’s team


If you have never experienced a straight razor shave and facial, it’s an absolute must! For a first time experience, if you live in the Knoxville area or find yourself in these parts, Curtis Helm is the man to see. Curtis is the real deal. With over two decades’ experience as a master barber, he has the skill, technique, and patience of a true artisan.

A true gentleman’s barbershop

Billiards anyone?

Billiards anyone?

Kick back and relax with a root beer.

Kick back and relax with a root beer.

Where it all happens - The barber's quarters.

Where it all happens – The barber’s quarters.

The Main Entrance

The Main Entrance

badger brush and razor-groomingMen are being presented with the option of higher end skin care products, nicer badger brushes, and the beauty of the art form that is a proper shave from a professional.

If your only experience with shaving is looking at it as a daily chore, I’d challenge you to take time to learn how to properly shave. Visit your local barber and find out who they’d recommend for a first-class hot towel straight razor shave. One experience, and you’ll quickly understand that the straight razor shave belongs in your life.

Check out the first-class shaving products designed by Abrazo, The Art of Shaving, or Jack Black and elevate the morning shave to something you count on as much as that first cup of coffee.


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