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Cocoa Powder: A Natural Energy Source With a Healthy Punch!

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hot chocolateIf you’re like me—you’re not a coffee drinker but wish you had a little more energy from time to time—here is your answer: raw organic cocoa powder. Beyond the benefits of energy, cocoa powder also provides many other health benefits including reduced blood pressure, improved blood vessel health, lowered rate of cancer, lowered incident of heart disease, lowered LDL, and raised HDL. To top it off, raw organic cocoa powder offers anti-inflammatory and antioxidant traits.

With the popularity in recent years of so-called “energy drinks,” there has been a cry for research in the way of health and safety in consuming these beverages. Most of these products are based on high quantities of caffeine and sugar, with a few other common ingredients being added such as ginsing, carnitine, taurine, creatine, ephedrine, guarana, and B vitamins. By adding some of these more health-conscious ingredients, the products can then be marketed as “healthy” for you.

However, the medical side effects can include higher blood pressure, disturbed heart rhythm, dehydration, and sleep deprivation. When these drinks are mixed with alcohol, they can block your senses that would normally let you know that you have consumed too much.

Since there were over twenty thousand emegency visits involving energy drinks in 2011 alone, you may want to think about what you put into your body as a source for energy.

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Consider nature’s best energy source—raw organic cocoa powder!

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