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Steel Sharpens Steel—Part 1

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It appears that with our fast-paced and hectic lives, at times we all seem to find ourselves falling into a rut. The normal everyday grind of trying to balance our personal life, family, work, and every other incident that inevitably comes to the fore tends to leave us exhausted and void of energy to carry on other worthwhile pursuits. It can be a real challenge to maintain it all and still focus on pursuing goals that can propel us and further progress us into the future.

lewis and clark image

Lewis and Clark—early pioneers

It is easy to try to “suck it up,” be the man, go it alone, and act as though we are okay with handling the weight of the world on our shoulders. In fact, isn’t that what we need to do in order to be considered a “real man”?

From the beginning of time, man has constantly been instilled with the notion that he must go it alone and brave a new frontier, be the hunter and gatherer, and take care of the entire tribe. These are some of the ideologies that have been propagated throughout all of man’s recorded history. If we are not careful, however, this sort of thinking can lead one to isolation and an unwillingness to accept aid and assistance from others. It can steer us into a very precarious situation that, if left unchecked, can eventually set our feet upon a path that can lead to our emotional, mental, and even physiological demise.

From the beginning of time, man has constantly been instilled with the notion that he must go it alone and brave a new frontier.

sharpening sword

Warrior sharpening his sword

Rather than isolating ourselves and trying to solve all of our problems and the problems of others by ourselves, how much better it is to have loyal and insightful friends and companions we can rely on as a good source of encouragement and guidance? I am reminded of a proverb that states, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Is that not true of life? We are all here to try to build up one another and strengthen one another—not to tear down but to build up. So, the question we can ask ourselves: Am I doing my part to help build up and strengthen others; do I have “steel” like qualities that can be used to sharpen others?

Using the analogy of steel, it bears to mind the thought of a sword—we are gladiators, after all. We must be skilled with the sword and learn how to wield it successfully. According to secular history, the earliest finding of the sword dates back to the Bronze Age era, circa 1600 B.C.E. It found its development from the dagger, which was a shorter version of the sword, more of a pointed, sharp, knife-like object that was used as a weapon for thrusting and stabbing. The sword was developed for the purpose of being able to deal a thrusting stab with having a longer reach. In its most rudementary form, it consists of a long blade with a narrowing end and two edges that lead to the hilt.

throne made of swords in a medieval fair

Medieval throne made of swords

In order to make sure that your sword was effective and would suit the purpose for which it was intended, one would have to make certain that the edges where properly sharpened. Sharpening the blade could take place in a numerous amount of different forms, but most widely practiced was using either a stone or other metal. The trick is that the other surface needs to be one that is slightly stronger with a coarser finish in order for the edge to be properly sharpened. Hence, steel—a honing steel—could be used to achieve this purpose, and the result: steel sharpening steel!

katana sword

Japanese katana sword

Understanding this process helps us to use this as an example of how we should render assistance to one another to strengthen and build each other up. It is for this reason that Modern Gladiator has put in place the effective tools and articles to help sharpen the edges of one another. The gladiator brotherhood is another tool to accomplish that very goal and help propel us into the future and accomplishing all worthwhile endeavors. We should never underestimate the powerful tool of helping others and the positive impact that it could have on their lives, whether subtle or monumental!

In part two of “Steel Sharpens Steel,” we will learn the dynamics of how we can go about in strengthening and sharpening one another’s skills, as well as how Modern Gladiator is helping in building today’s modern man—and how you can join in the revolution and brotherhood.

We should render assistance to one another to strengthen and build each other up.

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